Do you want to create a home or renovate the existing one, create a work space or even design a commercial area? Creating Espacios can help you with every detail of your new project, end to end, from the initial idea to the last stroke of pain/ retouching/detail.
You can count of our expert team to work creatively with professional innovation, taking into account and adapting to each customer's budget.

Design of the basic project

Do you need useful ideas and inspiration about lighting, colour, furnishing, space efficiency etc., in order to decorate and renovate. The custom design your project which includes: Site visit and project sketch . 

Design of the whole project 

 Including the tracking of the basic project as well as: Site visit and monitoring of the project with key in hand delivery option.


Transforming a new home to make it yours requires time and dedication, we take care of everything. We create unique and personal homes, with a touch of originality. Design, quality and comfort are fundamental features in creating your home.

Designing a new workspace or changing the existing one is fundamental and although many companies do not take this into account, having a specifically designed space for needs and tasks encourages development of creativity and productivity.

Coping with setting up a new business is not easy and can be daunting, especially when faced with empty premises. The design of your premises is the image of your company. With this service we can also help you to renovate your space with a contemporary air.

We are qualified professionals, specialized creating Works of Art and Specialized Designs.
What do we do? We create and look for pictorial works from a canvas to a big mural, from fixings to sculptures and unique works from renowned artists such as: designed blown glass lamps, signboards, bespoke furniture, large format works, etc.
This service can be adapted to your needs. Almost any idea you can think of is a new challenge for us.

We are able to adapt to all kinds of budget in order to make your ideas come true. We count on an wide range of brands, manufacturers and suppliers to adapt to every budget. The renovation you wished for is possible.


""An entrepreneur sees opportunities where others see only problems," Michael Guelber. 

Creatingespacios is a decoration and interior design company, that originates from a young and enterprising attitude of two artists Elena Ludwig and Dora Pérez, trained in art and design at the University of Fine Arts in Granada and in different European universities such as Paris, Berlin and Thessalonica. 

To date they have carried out several independent art and decoration projects, Nevertheless, it was not until 2012 that Creatingespacios was set up as a company. Why was this? Both artists  have a good working knowledge of languages, photography, art and other mediums as well as a professional artistic team. 

We carry out projects in Granada and the Costa del Sol area of Marbella, Mijas, Fuengirola and Malaga. 
The team works on a freelance basis, offering the possibility of moving to different parts of Spain if needs be.  

Please feel free to get in touch anytime, whether for work inquiries or just to say hello